Buffy spike gambling chips underage gambling law Back at home, Amy and Willow catch up. He never did understand how Sunnydale had so many little fledglings. And three, high school's kinda over.

Angel took a good look at Spike's hungry face and couldn't stop staring. He was a friend and ally to the Scooby Gangas well as an occasional crypt-sitter and poker buddy of Spike. Sensing Angel about to forcibly pick him up, he swung his mug at Angel's descending arm. Sign In Don't have an account? Spike chiips back dangerously close to the street where the sun was shining, blanket flapping in the air.

buffy the vampire slayer 6x buffy spike . pointed out earlier in the episode she's practically forgotten. From the darkness, Spike tries to come to the rescue. Unfortunately, the muggers are human so his chip activates. After the pain is relieved, Buffy and Spike. Not just because Buffy, in the scene, is injured. It doesn't really matter how strong she is, or if his brain chip will hold him back; Spike's intention.